Dying to be Healthy?

Posted on August 10, 2010. Filed under: Everything Else, Medical |

I love these commercials; “This drug been shown to possibly help in mild cases of depression.” As the actors walk along a shell strewn beach or stroll over a picnic basket laden lawn with their beloved, the narrator continues, “be sure to tell your doctor if you develop blindness, irreversible nervous twinges or coma. Cases from using this drug of irreversible death, hepatitis, cancer of the esophagus, coronary disease, leprosy, brain damage and Scoliosis have been found.” This leaves me wondering – why not take the “risk” of being depressed? I prefer trying exercise, better eating or almost ANYTHING else!

It may come as a shock to some, but many of these drugs have millions (even billions) of investor dollars behind them and are mostly considered, “experimental.” The investors REALLY want to get their money out of the project. Only in bizarre cases of company abuse are these drugs pulled from the market. Accidental death from prescription drugs, even when they are correctly given, is now the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. You should carefully consider and do a little research before taking prescription pills. Even if your doctor prescribed them it is no guarantee you’ll benefit from it or even emerge unscathed from the experience. Your doctor may not even be particularly familiar with the drug since billions of dollars are behind giving doctors free prescriptions to “try.” I have seen in my life many, many times where someone returned to the doctor and he/she would say, “oops, lets try something else because this may not be the right one and it does have side effects.” Your left in shock wondering why such a lethal drug was randomly prescribed to begin with and, thank God, you’re alive to try something else.

Prescription pills are often hazardous to your health. The commercial is correct; you could die or be irreversibly maimed for life, so be wise. Make sure that you really need to be taking the drug or if there is an alternative route you could take. As another commercial tag line says, “You have one body and one life.”

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