Test your nutrition IQ: Inflammation and anti-inflammatory foods

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Got inflammation? Studies show a significant number of Americans do, which is why nutritionists are promoting anti-inflammatory foods said to help prevent everything from cancer to acne.

We think taking a quiz on inflammation is a swell idea.

1. Which of the following vegetables actually promotes inflammation?

a) Turnips

b) Eggplant

c) Green beans

2. Which type of cooking oil is known for its anti-inflammation properties?

a) Olive oil

b) Peanut oil

c) Palm kernel oil

3. In addition to reducing inflammation, quercetin found in the skins of apples and red onions is purported to fight what common malady?

a) Male-pattern baldness

b) Gout

c) Allergies

4. Curcumin has been touted to ease rheumatoid arthritis and reduce joint swelling. Where does curcumin come from?

a) The Indian spice turmeric

b) Spanish spice saffron de la Mancha

c) West African Melegueta pepper spice

5. Which fruit is to be avoided in an anti-inflammation diet?

a) Red delicious apples

b) Strawberries

c) Bananas

ANSWERS: 1: b; 2: a; 3: c; 4: a; 5: c

Sources: Chicago Tribune; nutritiondata.com; “The Anti-Inflammation Zone” by Dr. Barry Sears

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