Toxic in America: Kiss it goodbye

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Post by Dominique
The picture above may be extinct in the near future.
The recent, ongoing oil spill in the Gulf has many of us in shock that our fears have come to pass. There is no limit to the amount of destruction that the Greedy Ones will cause for a buck. We are viewing the destruction before our eyes Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen is the Federal Response manager is in charge of overseeing this issue at hand. His latest report is here

Over the last century, our technology has moved at light speed, and we have failed to show any responsibility that was to be assumed with it. Faster than a speeding bullet we have poisoned our planet, to a tipping point of irreversible measures. From pesticides in foods, to led paint in and on children s toys, we are completely irresponsible and behaving badly. A perfect example of early destruction starting in America was Virginia City, NV. Surrounded by the beautiful and then pristine Sierra Mountains, they were silver mining in Virginia City and they totally destroyed permanently the mountainous landscape. We have continued on that ignorant, greedy path through today.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently has been running stories on CNN of Toxins in our environments. One story focused on a African American community in Mossville LA, where there are chemical plants. Some University of Texas researchers found 99% of the residents suffered from at least 1 disease related to the toxic exposure with high Dioxin levels. As a teenager, we moved from San Francisco to San Bruno, CA. We lived in a neighborhood that bordered an Industrial neighborhood, with as sorts of chemical plants. I remember Dupont paints at the end of our street a few blocks away, but it was just one of many. We also had one of the chicken processing plants a few blocks away too. My brother and his friends had checked it out, by self touring the plant after closing time, and reported to me that they had seen this huge vat of baby chicks that had just been thrown into to suffocate and die. My brother and I, one night had broken in and damaged some property of the place out of sheer frustration and anger.
I believe that my 4 years living in that neighborhood with not only the chemical plants, but train tracks and the SF airport 1/2 mile away, that I was definitely exposed to quite a few toxins as well as second hand cigarette smoke from working in the Casino’s as a Blackjack Dealer for 13 years, it was not that far-fetched that I turned up with Breast Cancer as the 1st in my family to have it. When I worked in the Casino’s, I notice many women getting sick and dieing from many cancer’s.

Women get the worst of it usually because we have more organs for the cancers to attack and the toxins trigger abnormal levels of Estrogen’s that feed the cancer cells. That is another reason for women to keep their diets healthy and weight down, because fat feeds the Estrogen levels as well.
We are in a state of emergency to react at the least, if not be proactive for our planet, our children and animals, environmental future, we have a good start with embracing animal rights issues, environmental issues at this time, the ball is rolling we need to keep it that way and pick up speed. Its really a matter of we have no choice and it’s now or never.
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