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1. How much can fashion influence a woman’s character?

If a woman feels comfortable and confident in what she’s wearing, she’ll probably behave and carry herself differently from how she would if she were wearing something she feels is alien to her nature.

I’m speaking more about styles of clothes, like being dressy, casual, dark, light, grungy, things like that.

Women can alter or improve their individuality by their style of dressing. Should you learn that you are one of those who’re popular in every place, and have the ability to capture the eye of every one with all your attitude and style, then you definitely will be happy with yourself. The attention you’ll receive will make you appear more intelligent and will slowly make you feel that you are better person. With an abundance of confidence, a woman will eventually be a renowned individual in her environment. Unfortunately, self-confidence can be quickly damaged by a tiny wrong choice.

This responsibility falls on women in the public eye, professionally or socially, for two reasons. In the first place women’s fashions are more interesting and complicated than those for men.

Everyone wears clothes and, like it or not, every woman influences culture through the clothes she wears. An interest in fashion is not necessarily whimsical or frivolous. At this moment in the history of women it is actually a responsibility – although if a woman continually obsesses about fashion, I feel she can become very shallow. A pity and a waste of time.

2. How can a woman become a strong woman using intelligent fashion?

Fashion can influence a person’s behavior. What people see as the current look and style can influence how that person behaves. Perhaps we wish to emulate what we see by what we wear and how we look. That can lead to unhealthy habits such as crash diets if we think we need to lose weight.

It can lead us getting cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons. None of these changes involve character. A good person can go on a crash diet and get boob job too.

If we feel comfortable and confident in what we’re wearing, we’ll probably behave and carry ourselves differently than if we were wearing something we feel untrue to us. I’m speaking more about styles of clothes, like being dressy, casual, dark, light, grungy, things like that.

3. Fashion can help women to develop strategies to modernize the world we live in?

Clothing can be an innocent form of communications and used both to create and contest identities. Fashion may question and oppose the continued, outdated existence of class and gender identities in society and can be used to dispute these positions of power and status.

Opposition to fashion, ways in which jeans are bleached, torn and ripped, is being waged to evade or combat the forces of domination. These disfiguring jeans are a means of ‘distancing oneself’ from the ideologies of a capitalist society, and doing violence to them is also a form of doing violence to the ideology, a way of opposing capitalism, challenging class, gender.

Women hoping to seize these opportunities need to be proactive, by submitting workshop proposals that demonstrate knowledge and substantive value. In social media, everyone has an opinion. Conference organizers want to know what research you have done and what expertise you have — why people should listen to you. If you can demonstrate expertise, next steps include networking with conference organizers, speaking regularly at tech events, and publishing.

4. What statement can fashion make about women in the world? How?

We let the world know much about who we are by how we present ourselves. The style of a woman’s clothing leads people to assumption, in which they become judgmental and categorize us or put us in some type of social placement.

The way we dress reflects our personality, which tells others a little about us. If a person is wearing jeans and a tee shirt, this tells people that we are laid back and maybe not looking to get into anything today. On the other hand, if we dress in a three piece suit, this tells people that we are going to work and maybe have an important job somewhere. If we dress skimpy, then this tells people that we may be an easy, free-willed person.

Secondly and more important: because women are more often in prominent positions in our society, our clothes need to reflect the woman of the 21st century, and help create who she is to become. What does it say about us if we go to Paris dressed in shorts and running shoes? We might as well let the French think we consider their capital city a kind of Disneyland, rather than a real place.

When we have a casual Friday at work, we have the challenge of finding clothes that show respect for our colleagues and clients, and yet are more comfortable and less formal than our normal workday attire.

5. What is revolutionary in the fashion of this century?

Today, though expensive designer clothing is still sought after by some women, casual, comfortable clothing styles at reasonable prices are the popular choice. Women are wearing versions of men’s clothes as a form of ‘non’-verbal resistance to dominant ideologies, a resistance to that society. Jeans carry no distinctions of wealth or status, and wearing them may be seen as a challenge to the outdated values of a society in which such distinctions are important.

Ovidiu Bufnila:
Awarded for the philosophy of the modern war, USA
Awarded for the decoding images, United Kingdom
Awarded for the scenario and concept, USA

Margot Genarro de Bourbon


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