Tribute to the Old World – a thought for the blades of grass

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Today at 3:41pm
This is a Tribute to the Old World – a thought for the blades of grass
From this man to his world, even when he was young, sitting on the jetty,
among the Grand Fathers (the large rocks) looking at the grass sway in the wind …

I want to Thank you
Wela’lin in your words
for your Presence, your very Being.

From those who do not even see you, for those who care not to ‘go there’,
I tell you tonight how much you are needed and appreciated.

Wave in the wind for me! Sway and thrive in the storms!
Show me that the strongest of winds will not break you!

I say Wela’lin to you, it is your way.
Thank you for being there, like the River,
to help cast away my sorrows and selfish attitudes downstream!

Wela’lin for your work, for working to be as Beautiful as you can be.
and the water in front of me, the sparkling diamonds of sun,
forever in tune with the waves as they roll in…

Wela’lin for existing.

Thus having spoken this, I sigh as I take a deep breath of salted air…
I hope we can talk to eachother in this way, humans and all humans alike,
regarldess of the podiums we love to put ourselves on


Not judgement of who you are
or who you are not!

As James Cameron will say, …


May we all someday be capable of such wonders!

NOTE: Wela’lin – It means Thank You in the Mi’gmaq Language

Val Comeau, NB – watching the sunset through the dancing grass

By Luc Majno



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