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When I recently heard some celebrity boasting about how many fabulous friends she had, I decided to count all my friends on my fingers. However, I never got past my second finger. Aye, I’ve only two friends – Goldie and my shadow, the only companion that’s been with me every step of the way through life.

As for Goldie, he’s my goldfish and him and me have a lot in common. For example, we’re both good for nothing eegits, who spend all day going round and round in circles. Furthermore, while his house is his goldfish bowl, from where he looks out on to the world all day long, my house is my goldfish bowl, where I go from window to window, looking out on to the world all day long.

Well anyway, I used to feel terribly sorry for Goldie, because I felt he led an awfully dreary boring life, going round and round yon bowl all day long. Of course, I used to try and lighten his day by talking to him. But sure he was like everyone else ….. he just ignored me!

But now someone’s just told me that a goldfish only has a 5 second memory span, which means in effect, that every time he sets off on another round of his bowl, he’s actually starting off on yet another brand new journey of adventure, full of exciting and interesting sights. So I no longer feel at all sorry for Goldie. In fact, to be quite honest, I feel very envious of him!

By Michael Lavery


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