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By Luc Majno:
(in this picture, yes, this moose got ‘strung up’ because when the lines were down, it got caught in them!!)
Good message today!!  WOW!  It’s like they were pointing at me! THINK:  MOOSE

Meditation for Monday september 27
It simply is not enough to be fuelled by the thought of sweet justice, of honesty, of goodness, and to think that all this will play itself out in the world.  If you don’t know how to handle yourself, you will constantly run up against others, difficulties will ensue, and you will easliy be discouraged.  So, what to do?
The key is to simply leave others alone, and keep on your task to be the best you can ever be, and to perfect yourself, so that, slowly but surely, when you present yourself before them, your Light will surprise them, and when they SEE you, they will realize that they have gotten lost and went astray and got stuck in the mud.
So as long as you try and show others that their road is perhaps not a good one to take,  you sink (with them) in the mud.
Solely work on perfection, on YOU, and work on your Light, and when you meet these people, and without you even saying a word, they will understand that you are in and have the Light, that you are Good and Honest and Truthful, and it is then that they will seek to imitate your actions and your Being.
(translated from french to the best of my abilities! ~ LMajno)



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