Wronging the Crow — A Teaching of History and of our own Lives

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by Luc Majno on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:24pm
A young boy had a problem with angerand was always judging everyone, and being mean

to all his friends, and could not understand or even bear

to be alone, and never understood why all his ‘friends’

always left him out of all of their activities, cast him out!

He went to see his mother about this

who, in turn, said that she could not help him

but she knew who could, the Old Man at the end of the Village,

in the White tent, over there…

When the Young One arrives at the tent, he is distressed and angry,

resentful and anxious, knowing it all full well, and being completely

conscious of all this, all the time…  He advanced on the Old One,

who is smiling at him already, as if he had already sized him up, in the less than

thirty seconds he had been in his tent…

“Let me tell you a story”, said the Old and Wise One,

to which the Young One’s eyes rolled.  He knew he would

remain there for a while!  He hadn’t even said a word!!

“Son”, he says in a shaking voice, “every time you speak or do anything in anger

you make a hole in that person’s heart, no matter who they are.  And you can never

take anything back, for it has already left your heart and been spoken and thrust out.

The Old Crow Spirit no longer sees me, He does not even look at me anymore.

I have lost him through my own arrogance, and now, I have to live this error out,

for the rest of my days, and there is nothing I can do about it.  Nothing.

You see, when I was young, I knew little.  And still, I am old now, and I know very little.  But back then, when I was a whipper-snapper,

I would act and speak like sparks and flames, coming out of a fire, not realizing what I was doing.

The Crow, I told everyone, is mean and cruel!  Look at him, everyone!  Look and see for yourselves, the cruelty of this animal, stealing from little ones,

diving down at them, and attacking them without mercy, over and over…  It hurts my heart to see this!  And every time the Crow would fly by me,

and do this spectacle, I think once a year, I would curse and wave my fists at him amd scream at him out loud:

You mean being!  Shame be brought on you! Cursed shall you be all your Life from your actions!  Never to be pardoned!!  Never!”

To me, he was diving down on the other little birds, and (others told me that) he was stealing other birds’ eggs…   What a horrible life to live! This had to STOP!

One day, the Crow managed his own trick.  After hearing me year after year, say those cruel and punishing things at him, he decided to show me Truth.

He showed me his ancient ritual as I stared on…

You see, Brother Crow was always Teaching others, especially the Young, how to dive for prey and how to survive, and nothing could be more Honorable.

Crow was serving as an example to all, preparing the Young, preparing the Youth, his species’ own survival!  Nothing could be more exemplary!

Suddenly, the roles had changed, and there was nothing I could do. I had become the VICTIM of my own Judgment…

You see, I had a Choice then, as you do now, my son, the Choice was given to me then to do Good and not Evil by hearsay…

I chose to be mean and to believe without living and learning.  Now, I am a living example of my own beliefs and actions back then…  A curse was put on me…

Exactly the same curse I put out there, into the Universe.  One that said:

“You mean being!  Shame be brought on you!  Cursed shall you be all your Life from your actions!  Never to be pardoned!!  Never!”

A big Silence came over the White tent

The boy looked pale, as if he had seen a ghost

He ran out of the tent and the Old One sat there

laughing and smiling…


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