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I’ll Sign It, Wrap It & Climb Down Your Chimney — IF You Order My Book as a Christmas Gift …an offer from Michael Moore

Friday, December 9th, 2011


Right now, your conservative brother-in-law, your HR person at work, your next door neighbor who just found Jesus, are all wondering — “Who will give me Michael Moore’s book for Christmas?” They can’t be seen going into a bookstore and walking out with an object that has me on the cover (even if it is the adorable 13-month-old version of me on a scooter). They can’t order it from Amazon because then they’ll be on a list somewhere that is probably controlled by George Soros, or worse, George Clooney. Yet, they want to find out about me, they want to read a good story, and they want to know — can I be like Mike and still spend my weekends at gun shows?

How badly do I want you to give HERE COMES TROUBLE as a Christmas gift to your friends, your family, or the person you’ve been on the phone with for the past hour at Blue Cross? How ’bout if I told you that I so want you to give this book to everyone in your life, the naughty and the nice, that I will personally gift-wrap the books for you, personally sign each and every one of them, and then have an associate at one of our fine overpriced for-profit shipping companies hand deliver it to you (or those you’re giving it to) before Rudolph even leaves the barn before Christmas?

“But Mike,” you say, “surely you have something else to do during this holiday season, like help Donald Trump get ready for his Republican Presidential debate, or perhaps help Newt corral a bunch of 12-year-old poor kids to clean the toilets of the RNC?”

Yes, those are on my list, but what I really want is for you share this book — “the best damn thing he’s ever written!” according to Pope Benedict XVI. The Crown Prince of Brunei called it, “the best damn way to identify future troublemakers,” and the New York Times said “it belongs on the same [damn] shelf as books about or written by Rachel Carson and Thomas Paine!” It’s a book for those who would love a good read or would simply like to know the real Me. Not the Fox News version of me. This book is nonfiction and It’s all here, revealed for the first time, a rock-em sock-em account of a boy who mysteriously crossed paths in his youth with Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon and a whole cast of characters and events that defined the second half of the 20th century. Nothing is held back, no sacred cows are spared, but most of all, you and your loved ones will get to read 24 short stories from a very strange, funny and profound life.

So, if you will order my book, right now, online, from one of my favorite local northern Michigan bookstores (it’s just one click right here), they will send a signed copy from the final batch of first printing/first editions of HERE COMES TROUBLE to whomever you want it to go to for Christmas — and I will guarantee its gift-wrapped arrival before Christmas! If you do this you will be helping me help the local economy in Michigan, and you will also be helping my nonprofit arthouse theater in Traverse City, Michigan, because five dollars from each of these books will go to support the theater. And the bookstores will charge nothing extra for the autographed copy. Oh, and I won’t charge for the gift-wrapping (just make sure to state in the comments box on the site that you want the books gift-wrapped).

If you order copies of HERE COMES TROUBLE as Christmas presents (or if you just want to read it yourself!), well, it’ll mean the world to me. I don’t see any $$ personally from these sales; what I get is the pleasure of knowing I’ve helped out the local economy of the Michigan town I live in — and the joy of having shared with you a book that means a lot to me.

So, here’s the deal: Christmas is only two weeks away! Hanukkah, only 11 days! And we only have a few hundred first printings left! So PLEASE order RIGHT NOW. Click here and order as many as you want and we will send them to anywhere in the U.S. in time for Christmas. But the deadline is now, so don’t move on to your next email until you take a second to send HERE COMES TROUBLE to your favorite troublemakers! Do it now — after Sunday it will be too late.

Thanks again and enjoy this holiday season…


Michael Moore

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