Fake Chemical Vitamins: How To Tell If Your Vitamins Are Fake Or Real And Effective

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As in the case of vitamins, the F.D.A. has intentionally left the definition of ‘all-natural‘ so open that it can mean practically anything.  This greatly helps their business partners in the chemical industry, and ultimately the pharmaceutical industry too, due to the diseases caused by ‘all-natural’ foods.  So, beware whenever you read ‘all-natural’.  Look for ‘organic’ instead.  Organic foods are safer until the definition of ‘organic’ is redefined for industry.  Likewise, beware that some ‘organic’ foods are not 100% organic, and fresh produce may be genetically engineered.  For more information about that, reference our article, Genetically Modified Foods At U.S. Grocery Stores: How To Avoid These Frankenfoods and The New Pesticides That Do Not Wash Off.

Most vitamins available for sale are synthetic, and are very difficult for the body to absorb.  In fact, they can even be harmful due to the unnecessary stresses they place upon the kidneys, and the overall immune system.  As something unknown and unnatural, chemically synthesized ‘vitamins’ are potentially toxic, and therefore trigger an immune response, which makes a body fatigued, and more prone to illnesses.  These synthetic vitamins are the ones that the establishment uses in studies to prove that vitamins are useless, using “science” (wink).  Real vitamins are bad for business.

Despite the flood of deceptive marketing and disinformation, all hope is not lost. When you are buying a multi-vitamin, there is a method to discover if the manufacturer used natural, high-quality vitamins.

Scan the label for vitamin B-12, and read its source.  It will either say cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin.  Cyanocobalamin is the most common, and you will find it in most multi-vitamins and B-complex formulas.  It is more common because it is the cheapest and easiest to produce in the chemical laboratory, but it is definitely not the best.  Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic, inactive form of “vitamin B12“, which requires a lot of effort by the digestive system to get any benefit from it at all.  As such, it is nearly useless, especially for those with digestive health issues.  Roughly 85% of synthetic vitamins such as cyanocobalamin are expelled through the urine, without any absorption by the body.

Methylcobalamin is the co-enzyme form of vitamin B12, and it is considered biologically active.  It does not need to be broken down by the body, and it is immediately utilized.  It is far more effective.  As such, I would only recommended buying a multi-vitamin which used methylcobalamin for B-12.  While this only examines one vitamin, it will nevertheless assure you that the manufacturer cares more about quality than profit.  (We have found that the use of glass bottles is usually a good sign too.)

You should beware of “USP” on your vitamins.  If a vitamin bottle proclaims USP, it is a synthetic vitamin.  The body reacts to other synthetic vitamins in much same way as it does with synthetic vitamin B-12.

There is a pattern here.  Whenever the chemical industry tries to fix nature, then everything goes wrong.  Of course, sometimes this is intentional.  Synthetic vitamins really do just make expensive urine, like the medical establishment claims of all vitamins.

Whenever possible, purchase only food-based (natural) vitamins, and we recommend purchasing them from herbal and health food stores.  General retailers have major quality issues with supplements.

The F.D.A. Literally Works For The U.S.P. Organization By Law

Do you still have doubts that all the members of the pharmaceutical industry, including the F.D.A.,  are working together in one big, happy, corrupt, mob-like cartel to suppress viable alternatives?  Inspect this closely (taken from usp.org of ‘USP vitamins’) and click to enlarge.So much for the theory that we are just crazy conspiracy theorists.  By the way, the people at usp.org also mention that they are 100% behind CODEX.



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