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Jennifer BowmanJuly 27, 2010 at 1:56pm ~ Reposted due to popular demand:


On Friday, March 13, 2009, Then 21-year old Jordan Halliday was taken into federal custody for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury investigating the animal rights community of Utah. He was held for nearly four months. On June 29th, 2009, Halliday was released from custody and federally indicted with felony “criminal contempt of court” for the same act of recalcitrance.

Change of Plea hearing for animal rights activist & alleged grand jury resister, Jordan Halliday

In May 2005, then FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, John Lewis, told a Senate panel that ecoterrorism is “one of today’s most serious domestic terrorism threats,” the 2001 USA Patriot Act creating the crime of “domestic terrorism,” broadening the definition to apply to US citizens as well as aliens – henceforth, the Bureau dividing the crime into two categories, international and domestic, the latter changing dramatically in the past decade.

Marie Mason Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism

After her sentence, a “collective gasp went up from (her) supporters, who packed the broad, high-ceilinged courtroom….followed by a few shrieks and sobs; some held their hands over their mouths.”

Darkness in America ~ Lyn Stewart’s resentencing

Before I joined CALM Action, I helped coordinate a protest against the Shrine Circus. We wanted to show people that animals used in circuses were confined, physically and mentally abused, and murdered for cheap entertainment. So we made our signs, advertised the protest, and on the day of the circus, yelled and chanted outside the circus doors.

The difference between random protest & strategic direct action


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Our fatal flaw, both systemically and individually, is our hubris. Our species reeks of arrogance as we presume that the universe revolves around us. We may no longer be geocentric in our beliefs, but we are most certainly humancentric.

When our vanity, pleasure, convenience, and desires “necessitate” the holocaust of over 50 billion nonhuman animals each year, moral primitivism is the order of the day. No confession, penance, or reparations can ever absolve us of the gross obscenity of enslaving, torturing, and murdering billions upon billions of other sentients that we might eat of their rotting flesh, wear their skin, hunt them for sport, perform excruciating experiments upon them, and force them to perform for us in humiliating and painful ways.

Our hands drip crimson, immersed in the blood of our innocent victims. In the court of Higher Law, humanity has been found guilty of mass murder and torture, hopefully sentenced by Karma to a fate worse than death. Yet as a collective, we clamor for more slaughter, skinning, surgeries without consent, forced addictions, bow hunts, circuses, rodeos, and more…..;

Possessed by this mode of being: we languish in a zoo of our own making where we gaze, without comprehension, at the confines of our enclosure, chew our paws, pace the cage, and are restless for mealtime. Like an animal in a cage, we are no longer what we were meant to be … we have forgotten what it is to be alive. With the exception of superficial form, we begin to lose our affinity to what makes us recognizable as a human being and as an animal — for we have become simply a sad thing that waits for lunch. And I defy any caged clock-watcher in a cubicle to defy that point…..

By Jason Miller

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