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There is a continuing NEED to misunderstand the problem on the ‘Indian’…
so that the racial problem persists… not for me. (Poor John A. Macdonald!!)
I did my homework.
In fact, I believe there is NO SUCH THING as RACE, and no ‘biological’ distinctions or differences that ‘separate’ us. This is all fallacy. There is no ‘one’ superior race. The ‘catholics’ or ‘believers’ may like to think so, and it is real practical for them, too, but no such luck.

Indians have gotten to know themselves, and portray themselves, and live — the way WE see them. We see them as, well, rather smelly, and can’t tell time too well, and that they’re stupid and backward — We see them as inferior, weaker, less intelligent, and as refuse, and that is EXACTLY the way these people live. Just drive through a reserve sometime. You will see exactly what WE did to them, and they now live in their own garbage, the suicide rate among them is up to five times higher for them in some places than others… thanks to us.

Unless WE make a difference, unless WE embrace them (as they did US way back when), unless WE learn to get to know them and the richness of their Culture.

We simply have no idea…

Why am I writing this? Well, I am hoping that someone will hear or read this, and even agree! The Indians supposedly have the ‘gene’ for drunkenness, or the ‘gene’ for suicide, or that they are more violent, or that ‘they can’t seem to integrate into society’… That is because THEY DON’T WANT TO! I wouldn’t want to either! Not in this world, anyway…

It is really sad. It is said  of Afghanistan, that drugs of all sorts and alcohol are being used to ‘evade’ the war… Well here, it is exactly the same thing, although the ‘war’ is not bombs exploding and material destruction, but assimilation, Genocide and ‘polite-and-proper’ extinction of a Race that sees fewer and fewer reasons to exist in a world where we are tearing one another apart, and TEACHING one another to do so through RACIAL descrimination, and bigotry.

Thank you for listening.

Thanks to TF and Roland Chrisjohn for my information!!

16 July – 1763 — Jeffrey Amherst writes: P.S. You will Do well to try to Innoculate the Indians by means of Blankets, as well as to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race. I should be very glad your Scheme for Hunting them Down by Dogs could take Effect, but England is at too great a Distance to think of that at present.

Well stated, especially to remind people that Indians do not want to belong to this world that is being thrust on them. I read Kent Nerburn’s, Wisdom of the Native Americans. There were some amazing responses from some of the elders with regards to Christianity, the life people were trying to thrust on them, and what it is like to be Indian. I …  thought the best was a response to a Minister. The minister had spent a bit of time trying to tell the elder about Jesus. When the elder tried to talk, he would talk over him or tell him that he needs to put it all behind him. So the elder sighed and just listened and let the minister ramble on. When he was done he asked the elder what he thought of Jesus. The elder told him, “I think this Jesus must be an Indian”. Can you just imagine the veins bursting in the ministers head?

LUC MAJNO: What if it were THE OTHER WAY AROUND?? aha!
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